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Thanks to a generous support from Techsoup, Netsquared Cameroon held a Safer Internet event in Douala to sensitize the pupils of Divine Bilingual Elementary and Primary School in Bonaberi on online safety  techniques on the 17th of October 2014.  The theme of the event was ‘Building a safe and responsible digital footprint for kids online’

Activities included:

  •  A face to face briefing with kids and teachers
  • A video recording from the kids and teachers to share their stories and experiences
  • An online platform (blog) to share resources and involve other schools in the community

This project was launched at the time when the website of the National Assembly of Cameroon was hacked, attracting public attention on the need of a national strategy for cyber safety.

Mme Cecile Ayuk, introduced us to the the audience and disclosed her intension to put in place a computer club in her school and counts on the support of NetSquared/Techsoup.

This was followed by a brief presentation of NetSquared/Techsoup by SAME Grace.
Excel Asama took the floor to brief the pupils and teachers on online safety using practical life  stories to explain the different notions.

The pupils were taught the dangers involved online including:

  •  Internet surveillance
  • Email hijacking
  • Hacking
  • Publication of illegal contents
  • Spywares and
  • Other forms of computer attacks on one hand and
  • What it takes to build a responsible digital foot print and to be safe online.

They learnt how to protect their computers, email accounts and the kind of attitude to have online.

The methodology used was an interactive conversation, where the pupils disclosed what they know about the Internet and the kind of sites they visit online. The teachers, watching from the right side of the classroom were amazed with the online experience of their pupils.

At the end of the day, we took some videos and photos of the pupils and promised them to publish their interviews online.

Photos of the event here

Blog post on the netsquared platform

Check out videos asap

The website for the project is coming out sonnest.

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