Excel Asama

Excel Asama

I strongly believe in the power of the Internet in particular and the ICTs in general to bring about social development in this generation. Born in a remote village with a modest background, I could not pretend to be considered or to hold any position that makes sense in my country Cameroon. Thanks to the Internet, my voice counts. I am proud to dine with kings today.

I eat, respire and live by the Internet. (Blogging, Micro Blogging, Vlogging, Tweeting, Facebooking, Skyping, Remote presentation, Google Hangouts, Youtubing, Flickirng…

After graduating in 1997 with a degree in mathematics, I acquired both experience and skills in the ICT universe; witnessed the evolution of the Internet in different stages including the:

I have successfully gone through international certification in:

  • Network Forensics obtained @ Japan CCCERT
  • Internet Next Generation Leader Certification program (Internet Society)
  • Web Development and Communication (World business Consulting and Computing)
  • Project Elaboration and Management (European Union)
  • Conflict Analysis (United States Institute of Peace)
  • Electoral Observations (United Nations)

Ongoing Programs

– International Certification as a specialist in ethical hacking and information system auditing.

My ultimate dream is to keep the flame burning long time after I must have gone back to my creator. That’s why I am dedicated in catalyzing and energizing people around the world to live productively through the Information and Communication Technologies (ICTs). I do this by:

  • Empowering them with simple and effective Web2.0 & Web3.0 tools that will bring about the expected change in their businesses, organizations, individual lives etc.
  • Rendering ICT counseling and orientation services
  • Organizing capacity building seminars and Face to Face briefings on the evolution of the Internet and how to tap from that information main stream
  • Participating in the development of the Internet through the Multi Stake Holder Internet Governance Forum and the Civil Society Internet Governance Caucus
  • Signing the Internet Freedom
  • Advocating for the principle of Net Neutrality
  • Helping people meet people for social good
  • Volunteering as a full member @ Internet Society Chapter Cameroon

Current positions

  • Founding President and CEO of I-Vission International (www.ivission.net ), a nongovernmental organization with mission to bring ICTs to the center of social development, created on September 10; 2008 in Cameroon
  • Netsquared/Techsoup Ambassador for Africa (www.techsoup.org)
  • Coordinator, Netsquared Cameroon. (www.meetup.com/ivission)

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